Penetration testing and information security consulting

While WebCookies serves as our privacy audit and research platform, we also offer information security services — penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, security architecture design as well as a broad range of other information security consulting services.

As a collective of experienced information security consultants we delivered projects ranging from pentesting a single web application to complete assessment of hundreds of servers, including advisory and remediation. We work for private and public sector, fintech and insurance industry, energy and manufacturing sector, as well as NGOs and startups. While we're located in the United Kingdom, we work for clients all across European Union.

We fully support startups and non-profit organisations. We work at flexible rates and we love projects that are new and innovative — blockchain, DApps, P2P. We accept payments in cryptocurrencies, including DAI, Ethereum, Stellar Lumens and Bitcoin.

Please contact us to get a sample report and for more details about our offers.